The 10th and final Swazi Xtreme was held from the 5th-9th August 2010.  This event, which has provided a mix of both the classic and modern aspects of this adventure racing, was a regular event on the Southern African Adventure Racing calendar.

Race Organisers Darron and Anita Raw, together with their company, Swazi Trails, which has underwritten the event for the past 10 years, decided that “10” was a suitable round number to conclude their efforts on.

“Why stop now ?” many participants have asked, “when the race is so well-known and well-supported?”

“The answer,” explains Darron, “is far from explicit. It could be said that the event has achieved its original objective, which was to highlight Swaziland as a beautiful and peaceful adventure destination. It is also a factor, that there is limited scope to grow the event, given that AR is a niche of a niche of a niche market, and that commercial sponsorship opportunities are limited. But there also comes a time when as organisers we wish to direct our efforts in new directions and tackle new horizons – for us that time has come.”

For 10 consecutive years the Swazi Xtreme produced challenges, legends and debate about the limits of human endurance. Underlying this was a passion to keep the spirit of adventure alive. If you haven’t been standing nervously on the starting line of the Swazi Xtreme, you’ve missed an opportunity to forever carve your name alongside this crazy quest.

Watch these videos from past events

This website is a tribute to those who tackled this event. They are not ordinary people, just as the Swazi Xtreme was no ordinary race.

So is the Swazi Xtreme gone forever…? [Darron: “Hmmmm… watch this space!”]