Swazi Xtreme Send-off Party

From http://www.ar.co.za:

Considering that this time last week we were bashing through the bushes under the blazing Swazi sun, I think it is only fitting that this race gets a rousing send-off – since we didn’t get to celebrate at the event.

Swazi Xtreme has, for 10 years, been an event that has demanded dedication, time, planning and committment; and it has brought with it dramas, stresses, happiness and sadness. And that’s just on Darron’s side of things. Planning a 250km (or should I say 450km…. haha) race annually is a major undertaking. A number of years ago the 120km SPORT option was introduced, upping Darron’s workload in terms of working out shorter routes and finding suitable overnight transitions. The two courses worked well, enticing more people to come play in the Kingdom.

Darron, thank you for your commitment and courage in taking up this challenge annually – on top of your work committments. And also to Anita, who has handled admin year after year. She has also kept Darron together, body and soul; his hours of sleep diminish as the race draws nearer.

For us, racers, Swazi Xtreme has brought personal achievements, successes and disappointments, challenges, excitement, laughter and tears. Many of us have looked forward to the event year after year with many notching five or more Swazi Xtreme races.

This decade of Swazi Xtreme leaves memories of jumps (off waterfalls and rocky cliffs), annual April Fool gags, the Great T-Shirt Debate of 2002, spectacular ropes sections, flooded potholes, raging rapids, freezing cold, sweltering heat, ghost towns, mountains and deep valleys, railway lines and a bat guano-filled cave.

Yes, an era of South African adventure racing has come to an end and a celebration is due. It’ll be a place for war stories and memories, laughter and cheer.

Saturday, 21 August 2010 (this coming Saturday)
Venue: The lawns at Emmarentia (look for the www.AR.co.za feather banner flying high)
Time: 13h00 – 15h30
To bring: Picnic munchies, blankies, camp chairs, children, games (dogs are also allowed at Emmies).
If you took part in this Swazi Xtreme, previous Swazi Xtreme races or if you’ve always wanted to do one (so this invitation kinda includes the whole AR community), then come along for an afternoon in the sun. Everyone welcome.
This is an opportunity to offer three cheers to an event that has been a major part of adventure racing in South Africa for a decade.

The Race Organisers are somewhat gutted not to be able to attend their own send-off party!  But such is life, hard decisions and responsibilities sometimes dictate otherwise.
We’d like to thank all those who’ve joined us for the past few years for REALLY BEING THERE. You are NOT ordinary people!

~ by swazidarron on 21/08/2010.

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