Update on paddling leg

Just a quick update on the paddling legs. I have tested both paddling legs over the last two days…to get an idea of conditions as close to race day as possible.


Section 1: easy, with a need for some quick portages around potential boat-breakers. No spraydecks needed on K2’s. Sit-on-tops fine to use.

Section 2: easy for anyone who has paddled Grade 1 and 2 rivers. There were a few more rapids than I remember from the past… and my novice experience crash-test crew did a fair amount of swimming. That said – water levels are low and the stretch is just paddleable. K2’s would be the choice boat for speed, but if you are a novice crew with no rapid experience and have borrowed a carbon kevlar boat for the event – I’d think twice. Sit-on-top plastic boats are fine to use. Glassfibre surf-ski’s are going to take punishment, unless you are very very skillful.

Sad news: I didn’t see a single croc or hippo – the state of our natural environment is clearly a cause for concern.

~ by swazidarron on 29/07/2010.

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